Liberec, Beneš Square
náměstí Doktora Edvarda Beneše 1, 460 07 Liberec, Czech Republic
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An Unexpected News Report

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History has repeatedly taken place at the main square of Liberec, just the way it suits the main square of any city. It was and continues to be the most important stage of history of the city. Perhaps the most dramatic chapter of modern history that the Beneš Square has ever witnessedwas written at the beginning of the occupation by the troops of the Warsaw Pact on August 21, 1968. On that day,a Soviet tank rolled into the archway of one of the houses which led to its collapse, resulting in dozens of civilians being injured. The events of August 1968 claimed nine lives in Liberec. The protests here were some of the biggest and bloodiest ones in Czechoslovakia. The moments of the clash with the Soviet tank were captured on unique photographs by the photographer Václav Toužimský.


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Liberec, Beneš Square

Available in: English | Česky | Deutsch | Polski

Almost every inhabitant of Liberec has probably at some pointheard about “the tank”. But what exactly happened? Photographer Václav Toužimský witnessed the incident and created an extremely valuable photo collection.

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